Where are we in 2050..?

It feels like a very debitable world when we hear the word “future” and everyone has different opinions about this word because most people prefer to live in the present and not think much about the future. But on the other hand some people like to demonstrate and work on “change for the future”. There are bunch of future working minds who are in the category of working for good or evil for humanity. 2050 is a year of debate, with many tech companies focusing on this long time only.

For all of us who understand the power of innovation and love to live in the innovative hall of the fancy technology world, there will be a barrage of curious questions such as how will humans behave? Will humans be replaced by AI agents called humanoids in all sectors? When we think about the world in 2050, it seems like it’s too far away and we can imagine a completely technology driven world, but if we think in practical way it will be 30 years from present and it will be fascinating to see how technology can solve the environmental and social problems at 2050.

So in this blog it is about the technology of the future, which acts as a connector between the human and the society. The exact future is pictured and no one can work out the changes taking place in the present.

2050 World

What will the world look like in 2050..?

Here are some technologies that give a different meaning to this fancy year 2050, it will be fascinating to see the technologies that create new humans in different fields.

1. Genetic system for all Diseases

By 2050, newer and more sophisticated monitoring equipment, some wearable, some fitted and some home-made, will constantly measure physical and biochemical parameters, monitor behavior and tracking location, and even change the machine system to give an accurate ratio of therapeutic human or genetic medicine system Human by Genetics primarily gains traction in mainstream medicine and identifies the genes that cause disease by the full-genetic range by 2050, and risk-reduction work can be done at very low cost, perhaps at birth or accordingly, Part of the prenatal screen. Each surgery involves a genetic reader who can read a person’s genetic makeup in five minutes. Under strict ethical and confidential conditions, sections of the patient’s genetic code are checked for identified markers. It allows the Gemonics system to determine how effective that person is and whether they may experience side effects, adjust the dose, or choose an alternative.

2050 Worlds

2. Humans become Humanoid..?

I know this is shocking and many religious people are against it. However, we can “bring back” our relatives through artificial intelligence, and even we can send the nanorobots like gadgets into minds of the people that produces the speculative memories of loved ones AI is also built into buildings and becomes a part of everyday life. Therefore as a result of this we will have servant and sex robots to meet the demands of people at that time. They are equal to the people, we meet our social needs by communicating with them, and communicating with robots is very easy. They have no desires of their own (their sole purpose is to serve us), they have no feelings, they aren’t angry, resentful or tired. So they become the right partner because we no longer have to consider their needs or desires and have to compromise with them. Human interaction is reduced from human to human because it is very difficult to deal with other people.

Nanobots 2050

3. Cyber-cropped economy by 2050

Crypto Currency will be the major currency of the world by 2050 and most countries in the world will have a digital economy and digital cash flow for this fashionable year. Some economists say that Bit Coin can overcome the next global financial crisis, whether it will actually happen sooner or later, it will happen in exactly 10-20 years, and by 2050 people will think that the funds released by the government from the socialist era of the 20th century and this Helps to create something in the digital world. We will discuss the results of the digital economy in future blogs.

Crypto Currency 2050

4. Space Tourism: Vacations on another planet

Yes, you heard right that there will be a special journey on another planet. It looks awful at the present time, but in 2050 it will be so much easier to travel from one city to another. Space tourism will be possible in 2050, but only for the very rich. Rocket companies are pushing the envelope adequately with Space-X space travel that tourism will be possible by the year 2050.

Space Tourism 2050

5. Worldwide 100% Renewable Resources

Many researchers have raised the alarm that any climate plan can solve the systemic inequalities in our society. Disasters can be severe in many ways, such as fires and floods, rainy days and droughts, cold spells and temperature rise. Today’s commercially available generation, combined with a more flexible power system, will be able to meet the hourly electricity demand in every part of the world and supply 80% of the total electricity generation by 2050. By 2050 we can bring sunlight to a liquid state that is attractive to everyone, but scatter is working on it and there will be renewable energy such as hydrogen, solar, wind and ocean energy that will transform the energy sector and that is a new way to create a completely global result.

2050 energy Solution

By 2050 there will be many technologies that will make the human problem contagious in most areas, so we will be adding the Sequel of this topic in another blog and as a result we have a vision to manifest the reality to humans. In an energetic way to make positive changes and more blogs for our beautiful readers!!

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