Turning The Pandemic Into an Advantage : A Step towards Revival Of Global Economy….!!!

Today the situation has been demonetized where all people are totally disconnected from the outside world. This Covid 19 pandemic has taught the humans about their unleashing behavior towards nature and once a great philosopher has said the beautiful line about the nature conscious power and greatly fitted into this rack of pandemic that “Nature is like a dream if someone try to destroy or disturb that dream humans have to pay heavy price for it”. and we are seeing this lines turn into reality but we have also seen that humans will power are the greatest and foremost source of energy because humans have to power to adapt themselves according to the clause. so the question is how we can turn that pandemic into advantage there is simple answer to that develop your will power be conscious and strong.

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Treating Sanitization As a Sword in Covid Fight..!!

This pandemic is unlikely to be different from before and COVID-19 will not change until it accelerates the fundamental direction of world history. it’s ahead of time to predict when the crisis itself will end. Whether in six, 12, or 18 months, the timing will depend upon the degree to which individuals follow social-distancing guidelines and recommended hygiene; the provision of quick, accurate, and affordable testing, antiviral drugs, and a vaccine; and therefore the extent of economic relief provided to individuals and businesses. There are many orders greatly infected by this cruelty Such an order would come with greater cooperation to watch outbreaks of infectious diseases and handle their consequences, likewise as greater willingness to deal with temperature change, set rules for cyberspace, assist forced migrants, and tackle proliferation and terrorism.

How will we can tackle this pandemic and take benefit from this situation??

We can tackle this pandemic by implementing the fruitful innovations which will strengthen the pillars of the economy. we all know that each country has its own demonic but we are able to take education from the small countries like Taiwan model. President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration had already made biomedicine a focus of its “five plus two” plan ,The National Economic Development Policy targets development sectors, including intelligent machinery, green energy and advanced agricultural technology and as a part of this plan, the govt is additionally directing resources toward developing industry clusters for biomedical research and therefore as the information and technology market matures, Taiwanese hardware giants Foxconn and Quanta Computers recognize the expansion potential of health care technologies and expanded their businesses into this sector, particularly digital health and artificial-intelligence applications. The whole world must promote these developments, cultivate startups and go beyond its actions to market opportunities.

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Don’t Fight For Yourself , Fight For Humanity..!!!

One example we are able to take the points from Singapore also by the utilization of artificial-intelligence technologies to dramatically raise the Success rate of clinical trials – by selecting both participants more effectively and improving the appearance of the test. Health care is simply one example of how Taiwan might become a hub in data protection and cyber security, But to win that future, the extensive effort that Taiwan has taken so far to use technology is needed..  So every country is using the innovative solutions to fight strongly from this pandemic . By technology and human power. If the world world decisively pursues smart specialization in these key areas of technology, it’s the prospect to carve out fresh market niches, secure and expand its integration into the worldwide economy, and set itself on a sturdy growth path for many years to return.

From manufacturing our own automatic mask machines to JEEVA SETU VENTILATORS , it’s not only engineers and doctors in India, but also the students of Various Institutes who are pitching in to make the best use of Innovation and technology.

Innovations in Fighting with the Pandemic..

Entrepreneurs and inventors across India responded quickly to the challenge against the COVID-19 epidemic. An idea for new innovations, some startups incubated by universities have appeared in recent weeks.

There are a number of reasons for the quick response, including the urgency and importance of the humanitarian situation and a tremendous approach to crowd sourcing ideas from government. India also has a wealth of trained and good engineering talent and helps foster what’s called #jugaad – a innovation mindset to find Solutions to problems with the limited resources.

Automatic mask machines

To fight with the shortage of N-95 masks in India and to Reduce the import of special automatic machines and their parts from China, engineers from NIT and IIM Calicut, and a start-up firm are now manufacturing these machines. The Cost is expected to be 40% Cheaper.

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Covid Warriors

Ruhdaar: The low-cost frugal innovator

Professional Engineers at Design Innovation Centre (DIC) of Islamic University of Science and Technology, along students from IIT Bombay, have created a prototype and design of a low-cost ventilator and named it ‘Ruhdaar’. Medical experts are soon set to evaluate it, it is working successfully in the lab and cost the team around Rs 15000 inr.

Jeeva Setu ventilators :

Innovators at REVA University in Bengaluru have designed and invented an oven-sized, low-cost and a portable ventilator. “It is expected to supply 500-600 millilitres per minute and 15-18 breaths per minute to patients,”said Dr P Shyama Raju, Chancellor of REVA University.

Not just ventilators, This University has also made masks and supported the community and Country, submitting proposals to the government to partner them with ideas.

There are Various other Innovation in health sector in order to fight with the response of Covid19 like:-

· Low-cost PPEs: The Navy’s innovation

· Advanced wash basins

· COVISAFE: Transporting patients

· Sanitiser Tunnels: A ‘jugaad’

· Safe swab: Phone booth testing

We are Started a New Way to encourage the Audience to be innovative in this age of Covid 19

We have come up with #BeInnovativeFacecovid

So by taking the inspirations from the positive impactful decisions and innovations every country even the global world can tackle this pandemic into fruitful advantage.

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