SELF CARE- Your own life key in your hand

Today in this era of covid19 the situation has been becoming worse all over the world. The healthcare system of even the developed countries is traumented as no one has the system to deliver the treatment to the bulk of the patients , we can believe this by knowing the number of covid19 patients in United states of America there are 3.37 million cases in America and 137,000 deaths . We can see the spike of cases in developed countries like America but at the other hand we can see the declining of cases in Italy also.

So we all have this question in our mind how Italy managed to make the strong deductions against the spikes in covid19 cases…?.

There is only one simple answer for this Self Care. Today self care is gold driven step towards this cruelty of nature even in India also doctors are recommending the self care and home Quarantine and we will be amazed by the recovery rate of home quarantine cases in India as patients have given their time to self care.

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Self Care..!!!

So What is Self Care??

Self-care is quite a one-off practice, and in the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to practice it .

Self-care is defined as giving adequate attention to your physical and psychological wellness.

Toxic work situations take lots of energy, and they can cause you to desire your work and isn’t adequate which your opinions or thoughts don’t matter, which isn’t true. Whether you are looking to advance in your career or change careers, here are 3 ways to fill your cup with essential self-care strategies.

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the lives and practices of psychologists and has highlighted the requirement for time-efficient self-care. The anxiety among psychologists (and humans) is practically universal—nearly every psychologist worldwide is experiencing some negative impact on their psychological state. There are following researched points that had been identified by the renowned and experienced doctors and physicians.

Limit your negative Media Intake

Of course, keep yourself informed of the pandemic. Of course, adhere to the science-backed recommendations for flattening the curve. But don’t spend hours absorbing the sensationalistic pessimism of the media.

Maintain a Schedule or Routine

Virtually every recent article advises parents to implement a schedule for his or her home-bound children, but fails to notice that adults also crave routine and structure. your schedule will necessarily remain more flexible given the fluid circumstances, but maintain a semblance of reassuring structure and activity. Avoid the temptation (to which we temporarily succumbed) to sleep in every morning as if it’s summer vacation. That results in lost hours and putzing around. Decades of research demonstrates that those with declared goals and an exact schedule prove simpler.

Practice Daily Treats

One gratitude exercise has become a classic: Three kickshaws in Life. One generates a listing of three delicacies about life, as experienced recently. The intervention can involve writing a quick daily note about positive things about the Last Day, making a daily entry of excellent things in a very gratitude diary, or identifying those things collectively falls asleep.Moments of happiness and other positive emotions occur a day even during an outbreak, but we frequently fail to soak up and internalize them. We also fail to record them to remind ourselves of them later. Making note, both in mind and in writing, helps the positive emotions stick.

Connect Together with your Support System

Social distancing, staying home, working remotely, and lengthy quarantining frequently beget feelings of isolation. The natural self-care corrective is social support. Take some minutes a day to nurture yourself with relationships (even if a video chat with a follower or a connection to a relative in an exceedingly distant town).

Social support:

  1. reduces the particular strains experienced,
  2. buffers or mitigates the stressors of labor, and
  3. moderates that stressor–strain association.
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Connect Socially But with Social Distancing..!!!

In other words, nourishing relationships protect us from the ravages of our impossible profession in multiple ways. We need to require care while giving care. We want to nurture ourselves while nurturing others. Thus, accept and provides that support to friends, family, pets, neighbors, and colleagues. This can be where social media emerges as a real asset during the present crisis.

Prioritize your nature and robust points.

A ubiquitous healthy escape involves returning again and again to nature, or Vitamin N, for restorative solitude or for fun with significant others. a small amount of eco-therapy produces huge benefits in lifting mood and reducing anxiety.

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