Pornography or a way of increasing women trafficking..?

In our digital age, internet porn is much more widespread and diverse than what is found online. It is becoming clear day by day that porn is becoming more accessible, cheaper, and consumed more and more anonymously.

But what’s the big deal about all of this? It’s just a sex record, isn’t it? A lot, and we’ll tell you why.

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What do porn users not know?

The average porn consumer, exposed and bent before the age of 18, has no idea what actually goes into the creation of a pornographic image or video. They may not even think about how or why an artist should be on camera or the situation that motivates them to commit pornography. If someone provided one or a significant amount of 42 billion visits to one of the world’s most popular free porn sites in 2019, they could not understand the possibility of being inspired by an artist’s images, did not appear in the film of her choice.

But are porn artists motivated by coercion or deception? Were not all the scenes done with the consent of the adults?

A former porn actress testified, “Attracting, and forcing women into sexual acts … with the help of drugs and alcohol [to give them] through hardcore scenes … the modern slavery times in the porn industry.”

Sex traffickers use pornography in many ways. They force their victims to watch porn to frustrate them. Training them in sexual activity also forces them. They make videos of victims and sell and distribute pornographic images on the Internet and other outlets.

Causes of increasing women trafficking

The biggest question here is, how is pornography linked to human trafficking?

Here is the answer.

Although pornography is not at the root of this deadly profession, it is certainly associated with it. After interviewing approximately 900 women in 9 countries, researcher Melissa Farley described “pornography as a precursor to male prostitution.” “

This is not a subtle allegation – she has linked her research to the epidemic of pornography and its impact on prostitution. Some shocking statistics of his work:

  • Half of the group sample group (including men, women and children) used to create pornographic images.
  • Trans 80% of people freed from human trafficking have had to re-enact certain pornographic acts by enslaved people.
  • Many of these victims are taught how to “demonstrate” through pornography.

The annual revenue of the porn industry is estimated to reach $ 13 billion. Smugglers can sell sex photos of smuggled women with great financial benefit and turn the child, expensive photos, and underground child pornography industry into one of the most attractive markets for sex smugglers. As most transactions between smugglers and buyers are online, smugglers also use girls’ pictures and movies to attract more customers. Like the traditional market, buyers prefer to see the product before paying for it.

What then, does this mean?

This means that pornography not only eliminates human trafficking, but also encourages the use of children in pornography and human trafficking to attract big profits. It is literally ruining the lives of children and adults.

This means that there is a clearly definite link between pornography and human trafficking. By looking at pornography, people are tempted to place sex workers to complete unrealistic scenes created in pornography.

This means that because of the high profitability of releasing pornographic content, many victims are forced to produce pornographic images and images that are released for the benefit of the population (US!). It’s not just people who want to create adult content, it’s young people, women and children who participate or lose their lives.

There is a link between pornography and sex trafficking. If we look at pornography, we should take it seriously and be responsible for our part in sex trafficking.

Now or never?

Not all porn, but there’s no way to know

Now, we are not saying that not all porn is consensual. We are saying out some and some are not and there is no way to know what is when you look at it.

So, would you buy from a company if you knew some of their products, but not all, were made with child labour? Do you support a store that abuses some employees? How can we say that “porn is good” when some of us – perhaps more – than we thought – when participants give their consent?

As an anti-pornography initiative, this is what we are writing and why we are fighting to stop the demand for sexual harassment. By creating awareness, by educating others about why porn is harmful to our world, we are creating a movement of change around the world that will surely dent a large amount in the porn industry.

Knowledge is power, and knowing the facts is an important step in helping to reduce the demand for pornography and eliminate sexual exploitation and sexual trafficking.

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