Mystical Science – Crossing all your Imagination..!!

Mystical experiences I personally believe it gives me a feeling of thrill when I hear it and I cannot believe why it gives me confusion and curiosity if a word is associated with mystery. In our childhood we all heard the phrase “the answers to all questions are in the womb of science” but this phrase refutes the term Mystical science. The word is beyond the scope of scientific attention and imagination, so our subconscious mind asks answers one by one to these strange questions, but our conscious mind is not so deep and true that it can give these answers. Many believe that the powers of science are limitless. Science is the process of discovering the mechanisms by which nature works, and eventually, after sufficient experimentation and research, every mystery will be understood. The darkness of ignorance is fully illuminated by the light of reason, and we have the truth about life and the universe but scientists call these events literally because these justifications are contradictory in most cases.

Even some science explorers believe that we are now very close to reaching this stage. If this scientific progress continues at the same rate over the past few decades, it goes, it may only be a matter of a few more decades (or less) before all the mysteries of the universe are solved. After all, aren’t the big secrets already solved? The answer becomes a big “no”. I say why we can understand with the famous example of the “Big Bang Theory”. I am sure everyone has heard of this theory. This is one of the popular theory but many updates are still going on!! This theory gives an accurate account of how the universe came into existence, but many mysterious questions must be answered and this theory could not answer the reason why scientists rebelled because of this theory, because it has so many rules and laws which are rejected by science and the same happens for neuroscience. Neuroscience can soon tell us what causes consciousness, and biologists can soon tell us how life originated and what happens after death.

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Mystical experience examples

Science has found many theorists who can give approximate answers, but this is miles away from practice. If we want to understand the ugliness of this term science, we have to understand the source by combining the two sides of the mind and we have a lot of questions as to whether science has really moved forward because some scientists think it is a very debatable topic. There is a powerful scientific orthodoxy that propagates ideas as truth before they are properly validated, which are still in doubt. Take, for example, the Bermuda Triangle development theory, which many people accept as a settled truth and cause a sense of dread in them.

The stories around the Bermuda Triangle begin in the time of Christopher Columbus, who saw the ocean of fire in the Triangle during his first voyage to the New World. However, the mysterious behavior of the area came to the attention of the public, the naval cargo ship, the USS Cyclops, was lost in the Bermuda Triangle when more than 300 people were on board. The latest incident in the region is the disappearance of a small twin-engine plane in May. The plane with four people on board suddenly disappeared from radar while flying from Puerto Rico to Florida and the wreckage from the missing plane was later found. A cargo ship recently sank in the Bermuda Triangle during a devastating hurricane in October 2015. In addition to some proposed scientific explanations, the more popular theory of electromagnetic interference causes many problems. The theory is that the Earth’s natural magnetism is so pervasive that it refuses to divert compasses and other sophisticated devices into the intended path through water. When the exact explanation for this was not found and it was contrary to the set of laws and these events caused unnatural fear and more to be listed.

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Similarly, many neuroscientists once believed that a ‘consciousness problem’ would soon be solved. He believes brain-scanning techniques can help us see how billions of brain neurons work together to produce consciousness. However, it is slowly becoming clear that reality is far more unfamiliar and complex than this simple mechanism. In fact neuroscientists thought that consciousness was in a specific area of ​​the brain, and then temporarily it seemed that it somehow originated from the brain. However, no explanation has been received yet. In-depth research decisions have effectively taken up space.

Some philosophers have suggested that it is not possible to understand consciousness in terms of the brain. An alternative idea proposed by another philosopher, David Charles, is that consciousness is not created by the brain, but by the fundamental force of the universe, such as gravity, which allows everything.

The need of subconscious power to understand!!

So we can conclude that the term is “NEURO GIGANTIC”, a term that is not understood by science but is understood by our subconscious mind. Many of us have not yet discovered this side of the mind. The quest for knowledge often seems like a great venture. Our ’cause’ makes us greater than any other animal, and through its practice we can overcome the darkness of ignorance and superstition inhabited by our ‘primitive’ ancestors. But, if we look a little deeper, the ‘lords’ of this invention begin. Most scientists are unaware of the limitations of human consciousness. Reality is the absolute and purpose of the ordinary human consciousness in which we experience, and there is an innate sense that it is the world as we look at it. Our consciousness illuminates the world with clarity and truth, and is like a perfect spotlight that illuminates everything. In fact, it allows us to understand and explain everything – because we all know about reality and nothing is possible outside the light range of our consciousness. Everything is limited to why we expect it to be understood and explained. While sheep or cows may not be aware of the future or the past or their own deaths, there must be some facts beyond the limits of our consciousness.

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Just as two-dimensional residents can see the effects of three-dimensional reality, we can better experience some of the effects of these phenomena. We can puzzle over them and try to understand them, but we cannot explain them properly because we do not know about the events. From the point of view of common sense, these explanations may seem meaningless and ridiculous. The only way we can understand is to use spiritual methods to expand our consciousness and become mysterious scientists.

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