Masturbation – It will kill you..?

Many of us think that masturbation is a simple activity and a safe way to explore your body, experience pleasure and overcome the underlying sexual tension. It occurs in people of all backgrounds, genders and races. Everyone feels embarrassed before and after masturbation, which is like a feeling of guilt for most people aged 14–17. Hence the question of “Does masturbation really kills you..?” revolves around the minds of overbearing minds, the answer to this question is NO. The bizarre claims surround masturbation, such as going blind, and most of these arguments are not true and in this article we will clarify all your questions and myths that goes from the state of Childhood !!

negative effects of masturbation

masturbation side effects for males

Myths about Masturbation

These myths and the untrusted beliefs offer the sense of awkwardness and guilt that act like the barrier for many individuals. Talking about this is a shame for most societies and parents do not even tell their child about sex education and it leads to unresponsive growth of the child. These myths have been dispelled many times, and they have been revived over time and again. Most arguments about masturbation do not support the scientific context. There is often no health evidence to show that masturbation can cause any side effects.

So there are some myths about the effects of masturbation like…

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Penis shrinkage
  • Penis curvature
  • Low sperm count
  • Infertility
  • Mental illness
  • Physical weakness
Stop masturbation

Some couples worry that their relationship will not be satisfactory if they masturbate. This is also a myth. Many men and women continue to masturbate alone or together in a relationship or when they are married, and many consider this to be the most enjoyable part of their relationship. So we want to clear these myths for a safer and better lifestyle.

Disadvantages of Masturbation

Excessive addiction can lead to the destruction of life and family and it is not only in the case of masturbation, but in case of every habit. We can remember Tyler Durden’s famous quote about Masturbation that, “Masturbation is the key to self-improvement” and it is very trending on the internet, with young people taking it in a negative way and reporting many health effects due to masturbation addiction. Compulsive masturbation is like any behavior that disrupts your life – it essentially checks your social media every other minute so there are many ironic effects that can irritate human life. Here we have some disadvantages about masturbation…

masturbation cause of depression

1. Some people feel guilty about social or spiritual expectations

In some religions, masturbation is considered a sin. There are also many social stigmas associated with masturbation, some believe that women should not masturbate, or that masturbation is immoral. We have all heard the rumor that masturbation makes you blind, or it causes your hair to grow on your hands – both are completely false claims. , Discussing feelings of guilt with a friend, health care professional, or therapist who specializes in sexual health can help transfer past feelings of guilt or shame that a person masturbates.

2. Decreased sexual orientation

If men have a normal porn pattern and masturbate more with more grip on their penis, they may experience less stimulation. It is something that is well digested by your body and it also reduces sperm quality.

3. Excessive masturbation can disrupt your family and daily life

Doing too much and giving fruits according to our deeds is unfair, this line is clearly adequate at this point. It is disruptive due to its high nature and leads to many reports of domestic problems. There is a reason for this

They miss work, school or important social events

Interfere with a person’s daily functioning

Influence their responsibilities and relationships

Serve as an alternative to fleeing from relationship problems or real life experiences

Anyone who thinks they will be adversely affected by their masturbation should talk to a healthcare professional. Physicians or counselors may prescribe treatment to determine ways in which they can manage your sexual behavior.


Positive and negative effects on any particular topic 360-degree perspective of nature and, if not explicitly stated about anything related to sex education, can lead to disruption and its life and even an increase in social crime as well. Some people may feel embarrassed, guilty or ashamed when talking about masturbation. But masturbation is normal, healthy, and has nothing to do with guilt. We take this as a normal task and analyze it at all times not to give too much temperament towards it. So we will follow the health benefits of masturbation in our Upcoming blog and in those situations, if you have any issues related to your patterns, talking to a health care professional, especially a sex therapist can help.

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