Inonations – A Start to A New Virtual life

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought. ~Dr. Albert,

Have we ever thought how the world would be without innovation ?…

If there was no innovation, then there would have been not even a single development, we would now stil been in the stone age . We humans are constantly developing ourselves to create and invent something that benefits us

But now the question arises whether we actually come to know about all the innovations in this world that might be helpful for us .. …..the answer is NO

and this is were we Inonations play a very important role, we help you gather all the innovation in different fields and we want to aware everyone regarding the new technological advancements that is happening and we also want to put the light on what will be happen in the future. Our main motto as a responsible team is to help the mankind and how everyone can make full use of our content and make a powerful change in the global society. The key focus will be in innovation and how nodern innovation advancements can cure the problem of the global mankind

That’s why we named our organization as  INONATIONS (INO MEANS INNOVATION AND NATION MEANS WHOLE GLOBAL WORLD) and we have a new time axis of tag time, which means that our content will become a center of hope and attraction in the global human race..

But before going ahead we will have to understand the significance of Innovation and how its effecting us .

Innovation and Its Evolution

Innovation is a process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value, it’s a process of introduction of something new. Innovation is only useful if it brings some important positive changes , Innovation is not a new thing for us, from innovation in the stone age to today’s Advanced world we have come a long and a great way .

Innovation is all about Developing new ideas and making our life easier thereby giving a peaceful and prosperous life

Innovation Lends us Peace and Prosperity

To survive and improve the quality of life, continuous innovation efforts is imperative. Innovation must take place to create a smart future that offers more opportunities for better living standards. The reason we humans have adaptation technique  can be understood through the same emotional lens that motivates us to do something different in life which includes Fear, greed, love, pride, ambition and need all play a role in this process but basically we invent to solve problems. We humans are hell bound to solve a problem, whenever we see a problem, we find solutions to solve the problem and that leads to innovation.

New innovative products have raised living standards and provided opportunities for people to improve their lives which includes Medical technology have had a dramatic impact on individuals.

Innovation and its Impact on Environment

Globalization of the economy and the need to be competitive have driven organizations to invest in technology and innovation in order to find solutions that can be advantageous in an ever-more competitive and globalized market. However, it has been observed that environmental concerns have remained as a secondary priority for organizations, which has led to noticeable reductions in environmental quality.

contributing Environment

Innovation and Environment

It is only recently , that the relationship between economic development and the environment has been approached from a nep perspective .The conflict between the reducing in the amount of natural resources and the demand for the economic growth development has created a growing need to find means for making environmental conservation compatible with economic growth. For this purpose we now use the word “ eco-innovation”  and its referred to  innovative products and processes that reduce environmental impacts.

Virtual World and Innovation

We are currently living in a virtual world, it creates an artificial environment with software. The artificial atmosphere is displayed in a way that encourages the audience to accept and believe in the real environment. Virtual will be new trend going forward as its easy and cost effective.

Virtual World

Virtual World – A way to a Great Future

Technology and innovation has allowed us to communicate over vast distances in no time, conduct online training , take online classes , have meeting with multiple people etc etc .. all this is possible with the help of innovation in technology.

If we look at current situation when everyone is under lockdown then virtual world has played a very important role in connecting us with the outside world without even stepping out of our homes .

Virtual world was once just an unrealistic thought for many, but with the help of innovation and evolution of technology it’s a reality now.

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