3D printing

3D Printing- Replicating Images into Real One!

3d printing is the emerging technology not in printing industry but in many sectors and I am sure many of our readers only know this fact that it is used to incarnate any 2d image in real one that offers the real user experience but this technology is vary vast on its own kind therefore we will discuss and look at all aspects of this technology so that our readers… Read More »3D Printing- Replicating Images into Real One!

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AWS VS Azure – The Leader of Cloud?

Cloud computing is the need for the future. The concept is basically based on Hardware Virtualisation and a great interactive support. In the blog, we have gathered everything for your business and compared two most used cloud services, AWS and Azure. AWS is referred to as Amazon Web Service and its a popular cloud computing way used by different business worldwide and somehow something similar goes with Microsoft Azure, That,s… Read More »AWS VS Azure – The Leader of Cloud?

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality- Sixth Sense To Experience World Class Reality

Technology is upgrading itself that provides the interface to solve the real world problems like firstly world is introduced by 3-d or 5-d now it has upgraded to augmented reality. The coherent nature of that technology is readily depends on how it will solve the problems on the large scale. Augmented reality (AR) is currently one of the biggest technology trends, and it will be bigger as more access to… Read More »Augmented Reality- Sixth Sense To Experience World Class Reality

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Cyber Attacks and Cybersecurity to Guard Data

Data is the new oil of any organization and it is the most integral requirement of all human beings but apart from this contrary these requirements can be the danger for one’s life if it goes into wrong hands. Let’s take an example of IOT (Internet of things). It is the most demandable technology right now and many companies are innovating these IOT devices which can work with respect to… Read More »Cyber Attacks and Cybersecurity to Guard Data


Nanotechnology In Medicine & Smart Healthcare

Nanotechnology is the most depictive innovation that redefines the health infrastructure into smarter one. In this modern world where new viruses and health problems are being reported, this technology will be the nectar for all these problems as it forces on the perspective term of PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. Personalized medicine conceptualizes nanotechnology and personalized diagnosis can be completed with self care treatment with invasive surgery or targeted medicine to the specific… Read More »Nanotechnology In Medicine & Smart Healthcare

Cloud computing

Cloud Computing-Vast Source Of Internet?

Cloud computing is the prominent example that defines the vastness of internet in a proper way. Cloud computing is based on the principle of on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, based on the principle of payment, without direct user active management. The term refers directly to the data centers available to most users on the Internet and to some extent scattered functions in large… Read More »Cloud Computing-Vast Source Of Internet?

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Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

Artificial Intelligence is the futuristic topic that stimulates the intelligence demonstrated by machines and it is not wrong to say it can be comparable to natural human intelligence that’s why we have given the special name to this term called HUMANOIDS. These humanoids can work like human work and actions but it cannot possess its intelligence as we know this speculation human species are the most intelligent one in the… Read More »Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

Gaming Industry after covid

Marvelous growth in Gaming Industry after covid Era?

Many sectors are in the verge of disgraced at the present moment due to the covid era and new opportunities will be embraced in the post-covid period in the region. Now we will talk about the growth of Gaming Industry after covid era. With the spread of COVID -19, home entertainment seems to be the only option for gamers in Lockdown, while movie and theaters continue their ‘door-shut’ approach to… Read More »Marvelous growth in Gaming Industry after covid Era?

In App Purchase

Detailed Steps to Add In App Purchase Android?

In App purchase is an amazing way to earn great amount of bucks from your Android app. IAP is mostly used to unlock the great additional features inside your app that you want to monetise from. Monetisation in an application is one of the most important aspects of distributing the required product to the rest of the Globe. Like it or not, Google charges 30% of their fees on each… Read More »Detailed Steps to Add In App Purchase Android?


Intelligent Apps – This is What You Need….?

First we start with the basic question for our readers, Have you experienced your life in this age without mobile or any other digital device? Most of our readers do not have the answers and it is obvious that our readers are reading this blog using digital devices. Hopes on technology are rising in the mobile world and everyone is hoping for better results. Without experience and apps, mobile looks… Read More »Intelligent Apps – This is What You Need….?