Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality- Sixth Sense To Experience World Class Reality

Technology is upgrading itself that provides the interface to solve the real world problems like firstly world is introduced by 3-d or 5-d now it has upgraded to augmented reality. The coherent nature of that technology is readily depends on how it will solve the problems on the large scale. Augmented reality (AR) is currently one of the biggest technology trends, and it will be bigger as more access to… Read More »Augmented Reality- Sixth Sense To Experience World Class Reality

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Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

Artificial Intelligence is the futuristic topic that stimulates the intelligence demonstrated by machines and it is not wrong to say it can be comparable to natural human intelligence that’s why we have given the special name to this term called HUMANOIDS. These humanoids can work like human work and actions but it cannot possess its intelligence as we know this speculation human species are the most intelligent one in the… Read More »Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

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Mystical Science – Crossing all your Imagination..!!

Mystical experiences I personally believe it gives me a feeling of thrill when I hear it and I cannot believe why it gives me confusion and curiosity if a word is associated with mystery. In our childhood we all heard the phrase “the answers to all questions are in the womb of science” but this phrase refutes the term Mystical science. The word is beyond the scope of scientific attention… Read More »Mystical Science – Crossing all your Imagination..!!