Best Fitness Apps

Here are Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for Android to Consider!

Your body is the precious asset that god has given to every kind. It is wrong to say asset but it is the gift and it is our responsibility to take care of it in all respective manners. Many big ones like entrepreneurs and influences motivate young individuals regarding fitness and your lovable body. Every successful name always consider physically active has an overwhelming number of attached benefits, such as… Read More »Here are Top 10 Best Fitness Apps for Android to Consider!

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Precision Medicine- Is There an Amazing Future?

Precision medicine is the technology in its continuously evolving state where it provides different specific targets for different individuals. Scientists and researchers have an evolving approach to the treatment and prevention of disease, taking into account their genes differences in , environment and lifestyle for each .” This approach allows clinicians and researchers to more accurately assess which treatment and prevention strategies work for which group in a particular disease… Read More »Precision Medicine- Is There an Amazing Future?

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 : InoSights, Deficiency, Symptoms, and more

Vitamin B12 is the most vital thing for our body that helps to decentralize the metabolism of every cell in the human body and In this article we will discuss the all-important things like food, deficiencies symptoms,benefits etc Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin needed for the betterment of every cell function that helps in digestion. The basic composition of VITAMIN B-12 is the chain like structure with close-homogeneous linkages.… Read More »Vitamin B12 : InoSights, Deficiency, Symptoms, and more


Nanotechnology In Medicine & Smart Healthcare

Nanotechnology is the most depictive innovation that redefines the health infrastructure into smarter one. In this modern world where new viruses and health problems are being reported, this technology will be the nectar for all these problems as it forces on the perspective term of PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. Personalized medicine conceptualizes nanotechnology and personalized diagnosis can be completed with self care treatment with invasive surgery or targeted medicine to the specific… Read More »Nanotechnology In Medicine & Smart Healthcare


Daily Workout Ideas at Home-Being Healthy makes you Wealthy

Many of you are bored in this lockdown because all the cinema halls, gyms, offices, retail shops are closed and many people are spending their time on Netflix and other entertainment Zones. In this COVID – era, digital technology has completely changed the habits of the people as we can see all the retail shops are closed, people are using online delivery platforms to cater to the needs, while technology… Read More »Daily Workout Ideas at Home-Being Healthy makes you Wealthy


SELF CARE- Your own life key in your hand

Today in this era of covid19 the situation has been becoming worse all over the world. The healthcare system of even the developed countries is traumented as no one has the system to deliver the treatment to the bulk of the patients , we can believe this by knowing the number of covid19 patients in United states of America there are 3.37 million cases in America and 137,000 deaths .… Read More »SELF CARE- Your own life key in your hand


Turning The Pandemic Into an Advantage : A Step towards Revival Of Global Economy….!!!

Today the situation has been demonetized where all people are totally disconnected from the outside world. This Covid 19 pandemic has taught the humans about their unleashing behavior towards nature and once a great philosopher has said the beautiful line about the nature conscious power and greatly fitted into this rack of pandemic that “Nature is like a dream if someone try to destroy or disturb that dream humans have… Read More »Turning The Pandemic Into an Advantage : A Step towards Revival Of Global Economy….!!!


BLOCKCHAIN – Defined Way To Hold Smart Medical Data….!!!!!

Blockchain is being posited because the next frontfire in healthcare that may help solve the number of the industry’s interoperability challenges. So what exactly is that this technology? Blockchain is the technology which will help to secure the data of industries that redefine their most significant relationships through trust, transparency and encryptisation. Progressive executives are already exploring industry blockchain applications and realizing the worth of removing insecurities followed by building… Read More »BLOCKCHAIN – Defined Way To Hold Smart Medical Data….!!!!!


TeleHealth-Virtual Handshake In Healthcare

Internet has transformed the global world into the digitized one in which everyone at different  placeseven in remote areas placed together in a single groupism place where everyone can express their views and exchange the information in a very reliable way.Once a great influential author said- Technology and innovation are the two integral pillars for the development of the global society. So there’s great innovative step in healthcare is telehealth… Read More »TeleHealth-Virtual Handshake In Healthcare

Wearable Health Technology

Wearable Health Technology & Modern Health Infrastructure!

Smart watches have the potential to contribute to health in daily life: enabling self-monitoring of public activities; Obtaining feedback support activities with surveys to spot patterns of behavior; and supporting tri-directional communication with health care providers and members of the family. However, smart watches are in the early stages of developing wearable Health Technology and research with these devices. A wearable device can be defined as a mobile electronic device… Read More »Wearable Health Technology & Modern Health Infrastructure!