NISAR a Joint NASA ISRO mission

Nisar Satellite- 1st Most Expensive Satellite

Astronomy has a charm for all agencies where every satellite is their first satellite, which makes new discoveries and opportunities for good reasons therefore Nisar Satellite is the prominent example of joint NASA-ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). Nisar is a prime example of Earth – a mission to examine missions aimed at making global measurements about the causes and consequences of changes in the Earth’s surface and potential areas of… Read More »Nisar Satellite- 1st Most Expensive Satellite


Skyroot Aerospace- Inspiring The Privatization Of Space

Skyroot aerospace is one of the growing organization working in ease of space walk, making it affordable and reliable. It turns up the most after opening ventures of privatization of indian Space sector by the Government. ISRO – led India is one of the leading leaders in increasing its dominance in the world space sector. ISRO continues its leadership in the Indian space science module that inspires young active minds.… Read More »Skyroot Aerospace- Inspiring The Privatization Of Space

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How can you grow your business?

Starting and growing your business can seem like a mountain of work. But the amount of time devotion, money invested and risk depends on the business ideas you are following. Contrary to popular belief that there are actually many ways to grow your business that allow you to focus less on logical aspects and advance costs and start more. New business owners have a lot of goals when it comes… Read More »How can you grow your business?

pornography or a way of increasing women trafficking

Pornography or a way of increasing women trafficking..?

In our digital age, internet porn is much more widespread and diverse than what is found online. It is becoming clear day by day that porn is becoming more accessible, cheaper, and consumed more and more anonymously. But what’s the big deal about all of this? It’s just a sex record, isn’t it? A lot, and we’ll tell you why. What do porn users not know? The average porn consumer,… Read More »Pornography or a way of increasing women trafficking..?

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Great Ideas that can boost up your Minimalist Life…!!

In today’s materialistic society, you have to ask yourself how surprised you are when you hear that some people think that it is wrong to live with philanthropic things and primitive lives. The main purpose of minimalism is to be a disciplined child, he must think, not be outside and follow the principles of minimalism, living with less stuff and decluttering the things. The term is suitable for those who… Read More »Great Ideas that can boost up your Minimalist Life…!!

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Mystical Science – Crossing all your Imagination..!!

Mystical experiences I personally believe it gives me a feeling of thrill when I hear it and I cannot believe why it gives me confusion and curiosity if a word is associated with mystery. In our childhood we all heard the phrase “the answers to all questions are in the womb of science” but this phrase refutes the term Mystical science. The word is beyond the scope of scientific attention… Read More »Mystical Science – Crossing all your Imagination..!!


Masturbation – It will kill you..?

Many of us think that masturbation is a simple activity and a safe way to explore your body, experience pleasure and overcome the underlying sexual tension. It occurs in people of all backgrounds, genders and races. Everyone feels embarrassed before and after masturbation, which is like a feeling of guilt for most people aged 14–17. Hence the question of “Does masturbation really kills you..?” revolves around the minds of overbearing… Read More »Masturbation – It will kill you..?


Where are we in 2050..?

It feels like a very debitable world when we hear the word “future” and everyone has different opinions about this word because most people prefer to live in the present and not think much about the future. But on the other hand some people like to demonstrate and work on “change for the future”. There are bunch of future working minds who are in the category of working for good… Read More »Where are we in 2050..?


Leadership Qualities – What It Takes To Become a Great leader..?

Leadership Qualities – When we listen to words like leader, our mind forms a replica of politics or a superior person who carries the burden of society as a whole. It has many valuable qualities and as an explorer, he follows a new path through the herd to the rest of his group and leads in all situations, one of the main characteristics of good leaders is their flexibility and… Read More »Leadership Qualities – What It Takes To Become a Great leader..?


Intelligent Apps – This is What You Need….?

First we start with the basic question for our readers, Have you experienced your life in this age without mobile or any other digital device? Most of our readers do not have the answers and it is obvious that our readers are reading this blog using digital devices. Hopes on technology are rising in the mobile world and everyone is hoping for better results. Without experience and apps, mobile looks… Read More »Intelligent Apps – This is What You Need….?