Realme Ui 2.0

Realme UI 2.0 Coming Soon with Cool Android 11

With the official release of Android 11 by Google, dozens of smartphone makers have begun offering new updates to the developer version of selected devices. Realme is one of them and has started rolling out the Realme UI based on Android 11 Developer Preview for Realme X50 Pro. Additionally, Realme India chief Madhav Sheth also pointed to the arrival of the Realme UI 2.0 which will be based on Android… Read More »Realme UI 2.0 Coming Soon with Cool Android 11


Motorola Moto G9 Plus leaked, got amazing specs

It seems like Motorola is just about to announce its second entry by introducing a new smartphone into its G9 budget list, with hardly just a few weeks to launch the Moto G9 Play. The Moto G9 Plus appeared on a list on the Orange Slovakia website seen by Roland Quandt of WinFuture. According to the recent list, the €255 phone nearly about $ 300 will have four rear well… Read More »Motorola Moto G9 Plus leaked, got amazing specs


Xbox Series S, Series X: Launch date, Price, pre-order details in India

Microsoft has confirmed that next-generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S gaming products will arrive in India on November 10 and pre-orders will start on September 12. The Xbox Series S will sell for Rs 34,990 and the Xbox series X will sell for Rs 49,990. During the recent announcement, Xbox also lifted the curtains in its partnership with “Electronic Arts” which will present and represent 60 excellent and… Read More »Xbox Series S, Series X: Launch date, Price, pre-order details in India

FAUG- PUBG alternative

PubG Banned in India, Looking for Alternative : FAUG?

India, which is famous for its well known architecture and culture is now facing a border dispute with china on the fact of China continue to follow its principle of expansionism. India is constantly doing everything to protect its National Security and Integrity. The ministry of Electronics and IT (MEIT) on Wednesday, issued an orders to completely ban 118 more frequently used Chinese based apps after banning 59 different apps… Read More »PubG Banned in India, Looking for Alternative : FAUG?


Cryptocurrency- Latest Exchange of virtual Token Coins

Before starting this article I would like to divert the focus of our readers to this question “Have you ever heard about the digital money or currencies but have you ever imagined beyond the imagination? It is awful question for most of our readers but science can think beyond that by constantly innovating itself therefore by virtue of this extent it leads the inventions of cryptocurrency or virtual coins. Change… Read More »Cryptocurrency- Latest Exchange of virtual Token Coins

AI2 1

Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

Artificial Intelligence is the futuristic topic that stimulates the intelligence demonstrated by machines and it is not wrong to say it can be comparable to natural human intelligence that’s why we have given the special name to this term called HUMANOIDS. These humanoids can work like human work and actions but it cannot possess its intelligence as we know this speculation human species are the most intelligent one in the… Read More »Artificial Intelligence- Inspiring the Generations

ev31 3

Electric Vehicle- Brings you with 1st great Innovation

Electric Vehicle is the most trending topic in automobile sector with increasing the heating debates over the renewable energy it is gaining a greater pace. In this 20th century, where pollution is considerably higher with the appreciation of fossil fueled vehicles, all over the world we are still finding  out the alternative options irrespective to these heavy driven vehicles that provides dozens of problems to the environment. For replacing these polluted… Read More »Electric Vehicle- Brings you with 1st great Innovation

Solar energy

Solar Energy – Easy Harvesting Sunlight?

Solar energy nowadays become a very technical term with its easy to use characteristics and deliverable in to its well mannered form. When our readers hear the term ‘solar energy’ and a solar word is present there, automatically our subconscious mind presents us the images of brighter sun that eradicates the energy onto us but this term has extended its meaning and voyages into many sectors like in automobiles, energy, combustion… Read More »Solar Energy – Easy Harvesting Sunlight?

Gaming Industry after covid

Marvelous growth in Gaming Industry after covid Era?

Many sectors are in the verge of disgraced at the present moment due to the covid era and new opportunities will be embraced in the post-covid period in the region. Now we will talk about the growth of Gaming Industry after covid era. With the spread of COVID -19, home entertainment seems to be the only option for gamers in Lockdown, while movie and theaters continue their ‘door-shut’ approach to… Read More »Marvelous growth in Gaming Industry after covid Era?

In App Purchase

Detailed Steps to Add In App Purchase Android?

In App purchase is an amazing way to earn great amount of bucks from your Android app. IAP is mostly used to unlock the great additional features inside your app that you want to monetise from. Monetisation in an application is one of the most important aspects of distributing the required product to the rest of the Globe. Like it or not, Google charges 30% of their fees on each… Read More »Detailed Steps to Add In App Purchase Android?