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A small step to Change the world with our thoughts and ideas that can led to a sustainable Development.

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We want a Nation free from Violence, Poverty, Illiteracy and Corruption. Everyone should contribute in maintaining Natural Balance.

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About Us

A human’s basic desire is to be happy. Our nature pushes us to try to grab that happiness.  For different people, happiness has different meanings. Some find it in materialistic things and some find it in nature. Some find it in the people around them and some find it in their religion. That is where we come in, we are “Inonations”. A new platform for you to gather knowledge about innovations in different fields because as the age of men moves forward, our daily routine is also moving forward in the digital age.


Things that we used to do manually are now becoming digital. That means less physical work, less expenditure of resources and more results with a lot more relaxation. What can you do with it? What will be the outcome of it and what benefits will it bring to your perfect life? These questions will be answered here and we will give you new ideas and tips to keep up with the world. We don’t want any of our readers to be left behind and taste the dust of world moving forward. Do not worry, we got your back. Digital Innovation is providing us with more efficiency, accuracy and results with minimizing the chances of any errors.

Our Theme

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Basic theme of Discipline is Minimalistic lifestyle, which helps mankind to come out from the flavour of fascinating behaviour and leads to the modest mindset.


Central idea to translate Scientific knowledge and Technical into useful products, plays beneficiary role for robust advancements in many sectors like Health, Education etc.


The Technology system creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to find new companies and establish competitive positions due to declining profits.