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A human’s basic desire is to be happy. Our nature pushes us to try to grab that happiness.  For different people, happiness has different meanings. Some find it in materialistic things and some find it in nature. Some find it in the people around them and some find it in their religion. That is where we come in, we are “Inonations”. A new platform for you to gather knowledge about innovations in different fields because as the age of men moves forward, our daily routine is also moving forward in the digital age.


Things that we used to do manually are now becoming digital. That means less physical work, less expenditure of resources and more results with a lot more relaxation. What can you do with it? What will be the outcome of it and what benefits will it bring to your perfect life? These questions will be answered here and we will give you new ideas and tips to keep up with the world. We don’t want any of our readers to be left behind and taste the dust of world moving forward. Do not worry, we got your back. Digital Innovation is providing us with more efficiency, accuracy and results with minimizing the chances of any errors.


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Our focus.

Innovation always finds room for improvement. If you think that your life is at fullest then you are just in denial. You can always make it better

Smart Societies
Changing The Society

Committed towards change, a permanent solution for societal growth with knowledge as important ingredient.

Investing In The Future
Balancing The Growth

It is sustainable for long term, rationalize the stability of real growth, but its existence requires assumptions.

Protecting The Nature
Protecting The Nature

Nature is integral part of sustainable development, our responsibility to educate and drive solutions.

Investing In The Future
Investing In The Future

Investment is derivative to future, gives triple growth rates in terms of social and technological change than present.

Mission For The Vision

For every organization or a company that work towards the Human mankind and growth of the society and, Inonations is the beautiful example for this.

Our mission is to make the society self driven towards Development through Innovation and helping to produce the smartest minds which can give a new source of light to the world.

There are Missions on Which We are working as a organisation in many fields

  • 1. Health
  • 2. Smart driven solutions towards sectorised growth
  • 3. Smart automation societies
  • 4. Practical knowledge growth
  • 5. Smart solutions towards social and personal growth


and in this we need the support from every citizen of the world to come together and make the Mother Earth a Better Place!!!


Consider Our Real Plans

Whether it’s a great idea or a magnificent team of founders, we become invested with each of the businesses we work with right from the very start.

Uplifting Humanity
Uplifting Humanity

Human Development

eclipse, twilight, moon
Space Exploration

Space Growth

fall, autumn, red
Natural Balance

Sustainable Development

Self Reliant Society
Self Reliant Society

Social Development


Ideas Building Up

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.



Central idea to translate Scientific knowledge and Technical into useful products, plays beneficiary role for robust advancements in many sectors like Health, Education etc.


Science & Technology

Knowledge which serves as a direct source of ideas for new advancement possibilities, need R & D to foster sustainable development, assimilation of new Human Skills for gaining strong edge over it.



Basic theme of Discipline is Minimalistic lifestyle, which helps mankind to come out from the flavour of fascinating behaviour and leads to the modest mindset.



It leads to the positive optimistic content emphasizing social, personal resources and teaches mankind about the objective of living.


Moments That Matter

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” “Here's to the crazy ones that suites for them. They are doing great in upliftment of society and building Up the Sustainable natural growth. I personally loved their Work. Amazing content and efforts, they have the capability to fight for the evil and can change this world.

Sam Merchant


Why Select Us?

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Knowledge Growth


knowledge is the central theme of Inonations. Seeding money like knowledge is a prototype towards innovation that leads to growth able change.

Smart Solutions


The commitment towards innovative solutions in different sectors either be competence enhancing and reinforcing incumbents positions that making it possible for newcomers to obsolete and gains technologically superiority.

Emphasis on SIT


Inonations believe in the SIT formula for delivering the real time solutions for maintaining the equilibrium, between the problems and its innovative exposition.

Smart Societies


Enatching smart changing rules to provide you with options to deliver innovative lifestyle and developing in a better form.

Digital Technology


The basic recommendation of enlightenment in terms of permanent change is creation of knowledgeable base that provides assessment of technology in terms of wider social and environmental impacts.

Reputed Team


We have the highly responsive team that works with professionalism 24*7 in understanding the problems and responsible for giving the smart solutions for the human mankind.

Start your journey with us now


Our Blog

The Pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the Pen is very sharp.

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Ecosystem is a famous word nowadays due to the digital ecosystem in which the ecosystem has different meanings according to various human language perspectives. Some people understand the community and societal integration when they heard the word ecosystem or ecosistema, but we will emphasize all information related to the natural ecosystem in this article. As per my aspects I will say First lets talk about Humans then we will talk about Eco System Because both of them are closely interrelated.… Read More »Ecosystem or Ecosistema -Species Diversity & Human

Climate Change and Variability, Concept, Causes, Effects and much more
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Climate change and variability is the hottest topic right now, where most countries construct their infrastructure in a much better speed. In the past decades, there has now been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with all the sudden end of the last ice age roughly indicating the start of the advanced climate age — and also individual culture. The majority of those climate fluctuations are credited to nominal variations in the planet’s orbit which shifting of technology. The… Read More »Climate Change and Variability, Concept, Causes, Effects and much more

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